Conference Calling

Hosting a conference call is very simple.

First, invite the individuals who will be attending the call to dial one of the numbers below at an agreed date and time, and let them know your PIN. (Your PIN is the last six digits of your own personnel mailbox number, e.g. if your mailbox number is 01772 977819 your PIN is 977819).

0844 473 7500 in the UK
0818 270065 from the ROI

  • Attendees dial in at the scheduled time
  • Callers are prompted to enter the calls PIN
  • Callers are prompted to record their name
  • Callers are connected to the call and their name announced
  • During the call the following options are available to all attendees:
    • Pressing #1 will tell you the number of people on the call
    • Pressing #2 will play a roll call of the attendee's names
    • Pressing #3 locks and unlocks the call. This prohibits people joining your call
    • Pressing #6 will mute and unmute an individual's telephone

Conference calling Hints and Tips

  • Make sure you are in a quiet location where you will not be disturbed
  • Be on time or early
  • Introduce yourself when you begin speaking. Others may not know your voice
  • Try to stay on schedule, issue an agenda before the meeting and try to stick with it
  • End the call clearly, Make sure all the participants know that the meeting is over
  • How to minimise sound quality problems:
    • Avoid speakerphones as they can introduce background noise to the call
    • In the event that a mobile phone is used we recommend a stationary location where the signal strength is high
    • In all of these cases the mute (#6) facility helps to reduce the background noise